Hostel To Avoid

Travellers Hostel, Brno – Review

Hostel To Avoid

I’ve spent my fair time in hostels and have even worked in one. But Travellers Hostel in Brno was, by far, my worst ever! In fact it’s a school which turns into a hostel only during school holidays. After travelling from Prague I arrived In Brno and it didn’t take me long to find this place, but part of me wishes I hadn’t!

Locating The Hostel

Hostel Dorm

The only great thing about this hostel was its location! A short walk from Brno Train Station and I found it. Even though Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, it is still relatively small and as such anywhere could have been a short walk. But, it is in the heart of the city and just two streets from the main square, which is its only advantage.

First Appearances In The Hostel

As I walked through the large doors I was not greeted at all and had to look around for someone to check me in. I found a small group of people talking together by an office and as I approached them one person turned to face me and without smiling just nodded as if to say “what?”. After living in the Czech Republic for a year I’m much accustomed to the Czech tradition of ignorance and for that reason I just replied with a polite “do you know where I can check in”. The guy then moved further around his desk to find the diary, and before long I was instructed to my dorm. No “welcome to Brno” or “would you like a map” ever took place while I was checked in, but I moved on up to the dorms to look for other signs of life.

Overnight Detention In A Hostel

Wandering three times around the hallways looking for my dorm was not such a big problem, but I would suggest to the organisers that signs would be beneficial to guests. Once I found my dorm and opened the large doors into it, I looked around just to find what I can only describe as a very large classroom with prison beds. At one side of the room was a blackboard, which obviously other travellers had used to describe just how bad the hostel was. So, following this tradition I added my immediate points of dislike to the wall. Among the beds were remaining school apparatus which just added to the whole nightmare as school detentions came flooding back to my memory.

Worst Hostel Beds Ever

Hostel Beds

The main reason and purpose of anyone visiting a hostel is obviously to get some sleep. However, the beds in this place had been taken from the Russian army in 1950. The cold steel frame and solid wooden base was only cushioned by the extremely thin foam mattress. These had, in my eyes, already won an award for the worst hostel beds ever. But what made the night even worse was the complete lack of pillows. I’m not sure what happened, maybe just days before there had been a great pillow robbery, as not a single bed here had a pillow. Not even an overpriced option to rent one for a night; they just did NOT supply them. Luckily, there wasn’t an influx of guests so I used a blanket from another bed, folded up to form a very hard pillow.

Hostel Showers

The showers here are almost as bad as the dorms. In fact, when I say showers what I really should be saying is a shower. That’s right, there is only one! But considering I was in a dorm of 30 beds with just 3 people staying, obviously there was no queue in the morning. The water was warm and wet and I’m just thankful for that, but it would have been nice not to worry about the dirt on the floor. My tip to anyone staying in this hostel is to wear flip-flops in the shower!

Atmosphere At The hostel

In many hostels you can expect to meet some great and very interesting people to share travel stories with. However, in Travellers Hostel Brno I was the only guest up until around 22:00 when, eventually two more guests arrived in the dorm.

Security In The Hostel

Each bed within the dorm had a large locker assigned to it. These where secure from the front but unfortunately had the panel loose at the back. I chose to wrap my passport, iPod and wallet together with my makeshift pillow so not to risk making my stay here even worse by waking up to my belongings gone. As I was checking out, I had noticed a luggage room that looked like cages with locks. Had I known this at my check in, I might have used them. Sadly, I had to find out about these facilities on my own.

Breakfast In The Hostel

Breakfast was included in the price. Unfortunately, it only offered poor quality toast and cereal. No jam, butter nor meats, just cold toast, milk and cereal. The coffee wasn’t worth touching and I believe the juice jug had been emptied some days prior. So, before I caught the train to Poland I stocked up on sandwiches from the local store.

All in all, do yourselves a favour and avoid this hostel at all costs. Brno city was worth visiting; however do some research and find somewhere nicer to stay.