Sleeping At The Airport

Sleeping At The Airport

There are many reasons for sleeping in an airport and most have many advantages.

Why You Might Need To Sleep At The Airport

Hall Of The Airport

Apart from the adventure of sleeping here, there are some great reasons why having to sleep at the airport may be beneficial. If you’re just passing through the airport before transferring to another it may not be possible to venture outside and look for alternative accommodation. The amount of time it sometimes takes to board a train to the nearest town or city, then look for somewhere to stay and book into a hostel is not always as much time as you have. Sleeping in the airport now is the perfect answer.

Benefits Of Sleeping In An Airport

True to every backpacker should be the desire to stay on a budget. Sleeping at the airport can save you from spending a fortune on a hotel. Most hotels near to an airport will charge up to double the usual price just because of their location. Plus, most don’t care if you only need the room for a few hours! Another benefit of staying at the airport is that you don’t need to wake up hours before you’re due to fly. You have no bus to catch and you should be already checked in. Just wake up, wash your face and board the plane in best backpacker style.

Preparation To Sleep At The Airport

Airport Bed

Before you get to the airport there are a few things that you need to think about. Almost anything you purchase within the airport is going to be more expensive! For this reason we would recommend buying plenty of food or luxuries before you get there, but don’t forget that there is a limit to the volume of liquids you can take through customs. Always take an empty water bottle with you, once past the scanners head to a bar and kindly ask someone to fill it up (with water obviously). Smiling and being polite goes a long way.

Airport Sleeping Tips

Make sure wherever you’re sleeping is quiet and most importantly not in the way of anyone who might be working. If you really want to get some good sleep then you had better get the location right. Ask security guards and cleaners where they would suggest is a good location to rest, most will help your cause if you remember your manners.

If the airport has a chapel it might be wise to have a look here, these places are usually empty during the night and never have loud announcements going off every 5 minutes! Just be respectful and you shouldn’t have any problems.

Try pushing airport chairs together; these can make very good beds. If you can find somewhere isolated you might be able to make a bed out of airport furniture. A good backpacker can pull their resources together in times of need.

Hard carpets and metal chairs are not always ideal to sleep on; it might be wise to buy an inflatable bed or foam mat before coming. Make your visit as easy as possible!

Things To Beware Of

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Backpackers should be on their guard at all times, but sometimes it’s easy to let your guard down when in an international area. Be aware of thieves in an airport. Many thieves operate in and around the check in desks. Keep your belongings close to you and a pair of eyes in the back of your head. When you’re sleeping try to keep any valuables (including your passport) on your person. If the airport has lockers’ then locking your things up is the safest option. You might also like to wrap your valuables up in a coat and use this as a pillow; most people won’t risk waking you if they’re robbing you.

Entertainment In The Airport Lounge

After the initial first hour, the airport can become a boring place. Make sure you have the necessary items to pass the time. An Ipod is always a good idea and travel games like Battleships could be fun. Try to avoid drinking too much alcohol as airlines can refuse you entry onto any flight if they think you’ve had too much.

Staying Clean In An Airport

Airport Bed

Some airports can be very dirty and it’s a good idea to carry some antibacterial wipes. A quick wipe down of any surface you might be sleeping on is strongly advisable.

Before you fly don’t forget to get a wash in the toilets, nobody wants to sit next to that backpacker who smells like an old chair.

If Sleeping In The Airport Is Not Possible

Should all else fail and you find yourself unable to sleep in any particular airport, you still have an option. You may consider hiring a car, a nice padded seat with no noise and a heater might seem the perfect answer. With prices starting from as little as £10 it’s obviously a favourite with backpackers.