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Rufus Roo Review

Great big thanks to Rufus Roo for letting us try out their amazing jackets – we took them on a journey to Poland via LBA and Jet2.

With flight costs, taxes and surcharges all on the constant climb, backpackers are looking for ways to save on their flights. Rufus Roo has created a great invention that helps do just that. Most economy airlines are quite restrictive on their hand luggage allowance (usually 10kg) and checking a bag in prior to flight can cost up to £70 per 15kg!

What’s A Rufus Roo Jacket?

Rufus Roo’s are strong, light-weight jackets with lots of large pockets for your heaviest items to be carried in. By carrying your heavy and less bulky items in your pockets you’re reducing the measured weight of the hand luggage. Since the jackets can safely carry an additional 10kg, you’re also doubling your carrying capacity.

Is Rufus Roo Legal?

Rufus Jacket Open


Our test pilot was loaded like a donkey; with batteries, chargers, electricals, shoes, t-shirts, and even a full-size laptop in the pockets of his jacket, it was hard not to notice he was packing. Getting closer to the front of the queue at the airport gate his nerves started as he expected a steward to deny boarding.

Thankfully, nothing was mentioned about the jacket or the 10 kg of extra weight we were smuggling aboard. Carrying weight in your pockets is a loophole in the airlines’ terms and conditions and it’s quite legal to use a Rufus Roo jacket (or any other jacket) in this way.

How to Use a Rufus Roo

According to their site, you should follow these easy instructions: