Paris on a 50 Euro Note

Paris on a 50 Euro Note

Surely it can’t be possible? A weekend in Paris, on a €50 note? Mais oui mon cher, it really is! I’ve done it, and if you follow this easy guide for budget travel in Paris, you’ll be able to as well.

Pricey Perceptions of Paris

Champs Elysee

Paris is known worldwide for glitz, glamour and fashion. It’s the city of lights, the one that never sleeps, the perfect place for a romantic candlelit dinner. It’s got the most exclusive shops and hotels in Europe, cabaret shows, and Seine river cruises... and as a result a weekend in Paris is sure to set you back quite a few bob.

Doing Paris on the Cheap

Luckily for us backpackers, the larger the city, the more opportunities there are to do it on the cheap. See how you can spend the weekend in Paris on a budget of just €50...

Free Accommodation in Paris

Montmartre Cafe

First thing you need to do on arrival is sort out your free accommodation in Paris. Capital cities can put a real dent in your backpacking budget, and it’s often a nightmare trying to find somewhere central that doesn’t involve expensive travel costs or have bed bugs.

Looking at or can give you an idea of what to expect, but on this trip we want to keep costs at a bare minimum, i.e., we want free accommodation in Paris!


Sacre Paris Monmarte Night

It is possible to stay in Paris for free. If you’re set on budget travel, simply visit, the excellent website that has become every backpacker’s friend. An on-line community of like-minded travellers, you’ll be able to sleep on someone’s couch for the duration of your stay in Paris, for free.

Weekend in Paris – Saturday

Moulin Rouge

Wake up nice and early in Paris to catch the best atmosphere. With your €50, head out to buy yourself a croissant at one of the many excellent boulangeries in Paris. For a euro you can get 2 of the finest, freshest croissants in Paris. On top of that, you’ll be witnessing a very important part of life in Paris – the daily stroll to the bakery to purchase a baguette. And that's priceless.

Sightseeing in Paris for Free

Moulin Rouge Paris

Now, let’s get to the main reason we’re here – sightseeing in Paris. Take the metro, which will set you back €1.40 to the Latin Quarter. There, take in the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral (entry free). Then, cross over the Seine and take a quick stroll around the Latin Quarter, which will give you an insight into old Paris, before walking over to the Eiffel Tower and marvelling at this excellent piece of engineering.

From there, you should head over to the Champs Elysees, and on your way pick up a sandwich and drink in a local boulangerie for €5. Delicious!

Free Museums in Paris

This afternoon, why not take a look at one of the free museums in Paris. There are plenty throughout the city that open their doors on certain days. Check out for a list of free exhibitions in Paris.

Saturday Evening in Paris

Dining out in Paris can be phenomenally expensive; but never fear – tonight, you’re going to sample the best Paris has to offer, and experience a part of Parisian culture.

Montmartre Paris

Get yourself to a supermarket in Paris – Carrefour, Super U, or any other. Here, pick up a baguette, some cheese, some dark chocolate and some red wine, all for under €10 Then, jump on the metro (another €1.40) and get off at Pigalle, before climbing the hill to Montmartre. There, picnic on the steps of the beautiful Sacre Coeur, drink your wine and listen to the impromptu entertainment. It’s Paris, and it’s free.

You’ll also get a beautiful panoramic view over the city. Then, wander through the streets of Montmartre, taking in the charming houses and cobbled lanes, before getting home to that couch for some much needed rest!

Weekend in Paris – Sunday

Sunday is a day for relaxing, so head to your local boulangerie and this time treat yourself to a sit down breakfast in Paris. For about €7 you’ll be able to get a ‘formule’ – coffee, croissant and perhaps a juice.

Markets in Paris

Next, it’s on to a Sunday market to soak up the atmosphere. Try Marché Rue Dejean for an African feel or the Marché aux Fleurs et aux Oiseaux – an interesting bird and flower market. Grab yourself a hot meal at one of the stalls, for about €6.

Other Free Things To Do in Paris

Montmartre Horse

Before heading back home after your weekend in Paris, you should definitely sit in one of the many beautiful parks in the city, walk through the Louvre grounds and marvel at the sheer size, and grab a coffee in one of the brasseries or coffee shops in any area. By doing this, you’ll be sure to see the most of Paris on a budget, and have change from that €50.

Slot this itinerary into your backpacking schedule to maximize your backpacking budget when you arrive in this fascinating city.

Budget Overview


Sum total – €20.10


Final total – €38.90

Surplus – €11.10