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How to Relax Backpacking With La Siesta - Review

Relax Hammock La Siesta

What’s the best way of relaxing in the sunshine? Well, maybe this age old question hasn’t played on too many philosophers’ minds, but it’s definitely on backpackers’ minds.

Imagine that you’ve just spent half of your monthly budget on a boat ride to get to some paradise island which a fellow traveller told you about (movie reference). What’s the best way to relax for the rest of the month while writing blog posts and reading a book? Well, it must be chilling on a hammock from La Siesta.

La Siesta Travel Hammock Review

First impressions: straight out of its bag and the hammock looks great. It’s extremely light weight and feels great to touch; being made from parachute silk (nylon trilobal) the hammock is incredibly strong too. My first thought, when pulling the hammock out of the bag, was “this is going to be hard to put away” – thankfully, I was wrong.

La Siesta Hammock Bag

Finding a Place to Lay

It’s not as hard as you’d imagine. The genius design of the cords and EasyAdjust system makes the hammock suitable for almost any place; all you need are 2 secure places to tie to. The hardest part is deciding if you want to lay in the sun or in the shade. Finding somewhere with a little breeze is perfect as you’ll sway gently; though, motion sickness pills are not required!

Not Just a Hammock

A thoughtful design of the La Siesta travel hammock Colibri is that it can transform, like a Transformer, from a hammock into a crime fighting beach blanket. So, if there’s nothing to tie it to, it still has a use.

La Siesta Hammock Blanket

General Thoughts

Again, the hammock is extremely lightweight. Weighing only 680g, it will never overload your backpack and is probably going to be the lightest of your accessories. Spillages are no problem either; during testing I managed to spill a concoction of hummus and beer, surprisingly the hummus could be licked off with no further treatment required and the beer was wasted as it dripped through the breathable parachute silk. Thankfully, the hammock is also machine washable at 30 degrees celcius.


Testing its strength to a weight of about 160kg was successful. For a single hammock, it performed brilliantly with 2 people sitting on it. There were no signs of any of the stitching being placed under strain and I can comfortably report that it’s no worse for the treatment. The hammock has also been shoved in and out of its bag tens of times and it still retains its shape and performs as a hammock should do.

It’s also surprisingly easy to pack away, though I’ve never put it back in the bag the same way it arrived, i.e. rolled up; I prefer the shove-method of packing.


With an RRP of just €39, the La Siesta travel hammock Colibri is an absolute must-buy for any backpacking trip. Check out La Siesta’s website for more details and to find your local supplier.

Author Jimmy Ryan