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Karrimor Zodiak 30 Review

First Impressions

Zodiak 30 Blue

After opening the packaging, on first impressions, the Karrimor Zodiak looks great. The colours are nice and the style is exactly what you’d expect from a modern day-pack. The bag feels lightweight and the materials used are obviously top quality.

The main storage area is nicely sized to fit anything you might need for a day’s adventure, plus there’s also a generous pouch for a water bladder. At the bottom of the main compartment there’s a base zip, which is nicely located for fast access to that spare pair of waterproof trousers that you didn’t think you’d need. On the front there’s a small compartment with little carry pockets and pen holders, perfect for carrying maps, tickets and a guide.

The Zodiak 30 also has 2 very handy net pockets (one on either side), very useful for stuffing rubbish or storing earphones.

There’s absolutely no signs of poor workmanship with this item; Karrimor have lived up to their name.

On First Trial

Zodiak 30 - Zip Open

The first day out with the Karrimor Zodiak 30 was great, trialling first with a lightweight load of a book, a bottle of water and a pen, I barely felt the bag at all. For a day-pack, the support is very good and even with a 1.5 litre water bottle rolling around, the Zodiak felt comfortable.

One of the first things I noticed about this bag is the amazing zips. I don’t usually tend to get too excited when it comes to bags and zips, but these zips are built for speed! Big, long ties on each zip make finding the ends fast, then a quick tug and the bag is shut. The material around the zip lines is obviously designed to not get caught and I found opening the bag very easy. Top marks for the zips!

The small compartment on the front is very handy, but because Karrimor have included the base entry to the main compartment, the front compartment is not as deep as the main one. I found the front is plenty large enough for your lunch, a little stationary and a book.

Loaded Like a Camel

Zodiak 30 - Side

To really test the Zodiak 30 I took it out with a friend and loaded it up to its capacity. 4 litres of water, 2 waterproof coats, 2 lunches, a map, a camera stand and a pencil. Lifting the bag up onto my back I could feel the bag was very heavy; but when on my back, surprisingly, the bag did not feel uncomfortable. The weight was well supported and the bag’s belt gave it additional support. The weight seemed to be on my feet and not my back. And even after a long walk my back remained under no strain.

Water Resistance

Zodiak 30 - Back

Although this bag is not designed to be an underwater diver’s pack, the materials it’s made out of actually make it pretty good at keeping its contents dry. Sadly I couldn’t give it the chance of a storm condition, after a short spell of rain I can report the insides remained completely dry.

The Duration

After 2 months of use, the Karrimor Zodiak 30 is still the same bag it was when I first unpacked it. It’s remained completely intact and I can confidently say that the quality of materials and build are fantastic! After using the bag almost every day it shows no signs of wear whatsoever and there isn’t a single stitch loose. Usually, when I use a bag, the clips get broken and something rips, but not the Karrimor Zodiak! This one is built to last.


Zodiak 30

A great product from a great brand, the Karrimor Zodiak 30 proved itself to be the perfect pack for day adventures. With super build quality, generous space and fab zips, this bag is truly worth its £36 price tag. A* to the class of Karrimor!