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Berghaus Remote 25 Day Pack – Review

First Impressions

Berghaus Remote 25 Day Pack

Despite the green colour of the Berghaus pack almost making our eyes roll into the back of our heads, the first impressions of the Berghaus Remote 25 day pack were favourable; the materials seemed sturdy, the design fashionable, and the action of the zips chunky and smooth. The words “Should have bought another colour” was only mentioned for the first few days, then we just got used to it, and dare I say… started to like it, in a weird sort of way. But hey, most of us reserve a smidgen of amorous pity for the unfortunate-looking one in class – and not because he’s good at maths.

Features and Performance


Berghaus Remote 25 Day Pack Zips

2 large zipped compartments house your gear, with chunky zips featuring here to make access easier and to increase durability. Berghaus are a manufacturer who thankfully understand the importance of zip-life for a backpack – so often the first thing to malfunction.

The other zips, such as the one for the small front pouch, are of the waterproof type – a nice touch by Berghaus. It’s a shame more manufacturers don’t offer this as standard.


The main compartment is hydration pack compatible, with a generous pouch inside that can just as easily house documents or a small tablet/laptop if you don’t have a water bladder to store. Twenty-five litres should be enough for a tough day on the trails or for a day’s city-walking.

Mesh pockets on each side allow storage and easy access for drinks bottles. Each pocket has a drawstring to suit different bottle sizes, but we did find that one string was snapped on our bag – an unfortunate occurrence, but we see no reason this should be representative of Berghaus’ quality standards, which are usually top notch.


Berghaus Remote 25 Day Pack Comfort

As backpackers we’re not bothered to using side compression straps. But for those active users you’ll be pleased to know that the Remote 25 has them on each side. The pack can be compressed with these straps so that, while active, the contents inside will be far more restricted for movement and therefore will less likely cause unnecessary bumping about against your back. A padded back panel also helps keep the pack stay comfortable in use; a mesh cooling system is also present, and sweaty backs will be glad to hear of that.

The back of the pack is not exactly what we would call contoured. Some backpacks really do contour themselves in a rounded shape to make them more comfortable and natural-feeling, but the Remote 25 is fairly bog standard in this respect. However, the padding is a thoroughly decent addition and in fact the pack is very comfortable in normal use.


Berghaus Remote 25 Day Pack Wearing

Because this is a small backpack – compared to a 60-litre main pack – the hip strap is quite high up when wearing it, which means it straps across your naval rather than your hips. But by a stroke of luck we found this to be beneficial when running as it allows freedom of movement for the hips. The side padding on the hip straps is useful too.

The backpack also has a chest strap, which is not always provided on a pack of this size, but its partially-elasticated design worked wonders during active use because it didn’t restrict breathing and the general expanding/contracting movement of the chest while in motion. No backpacker needs to feel more restricted than when walking or jogging in challenging conditions, or even just walking the streets of busy Bangkok. It’s a small touch, but a very thoughtful one.

After 20 minutes our female tester found that the main two shoulder straps did rub slightly under the arms. Everybody’s physiology is slightly different, so if in doubt, get to your nearest store and give the Berghaus Remote 25 a go for fit and comfort.

A few extra straps and bits on the outside for walking poles or tripods and we’re looking at a whole lot of usefulness built-in for the Remote 25.


Berghaus Remote 25 Day Pack Bench

The best a backpack can do is to feel like you’re not wearing one while housing all your stuff comfortably. The Remote 25 was a joy to use in its simplicity, its rugged-feeling zips and no-nonsense features that do as they’re designed to do. A couple of issues aside, the Berghaus Remote 25 is a lovely backpack to use, is big enough for a good day’s touring, and durable enough to survive tuk-tuks and cockroaches. Maybe get it in blue though…