Barcelona Spain At Night

A Guide to Spain's Sunny Barcelona

Sagrada Familia Church

Barcelona is a warm, sunny, bright and vibrant city. Whether you are escaping the dreary dead of winter or the rain of London and Holland, Barcelona is a top destination, no matter what time of year.

Why Go To Barcelona?

Barcelona is famous for its beautiful weather and people. However, there is more to it than getting a tan on the beach. Barcelona is home to an amazing array of museums, architectural wonders, and unique cultural spots. As an added bonus, it is very backpacker-friendly.

Where to stay in Barcelona?

Casa Batlio Museum

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Barcelona, you cannot go wrong with the Sun & Moon Hostel, located just off La Rambla, on Ferran 17. Not only is the location amazing, but also their employees are fantastically helpful. The price is right, breakfast is included, and the internet is free. Of course, there are dozens of hostels to stay at that are located off La Rambla, but this is certainly the best one I have ever visited.

Really though, choosing a hostel along La Rambla is your best option. La Rambla is where the action is and heading a block or two off La Rambla also places you in the bar areas. Everywhere else in the city can be easily reached from here by foot or by metro.

Where to eat in Barcelona?

Sagrada Cruz View

To be honest, you can never go wrong with Spanish food. Bless them for inventing the tapas and paella!

Traditionally, places on La Rambla, being the most touristy area of Barcelona, will be overpriced. There are always a few exceptions though. For coffee and a wonderful slice of cake, you cannot go wrong with Cafe de l'Opera. They have amazing coffee, and a fantastic selection of cakes. It will take a minimum of twenty minutes to decide between the delectable selections of chocolate cakes. Thankfully, the staff is used to this behaviour, so they won’t think you’re too strange; just try not to cry after the first bite… or the last.

If you are looking for a good tapas bar, you really should head away from the main area. Wander down any side street, take a few wrong turns, and you will find a great little bar. Relax, have a drink, and a nicely priced bit of food that will not blow your backpacking budget.

The problem with recommending places to eat or drink is that the best places do seem to be found when you are lost. Picture this: you’re wandering around the city. Just before you lose hope and start to worry that you have walked over to the next city, you stumble upon a tiny little bar with a dirty sign, but a great selection of Belgian beer and an authentic-looking kitchen. Backpacking legend tells us that these places disappear whenever you turn back around the corner, they can never be found again. So, make sure you do wander into a side street. Barcelona is such a great city to get lost in, and the Spanish people are incredibly helpful.

What to do in Barcelona?

Mosaic Lizard At Parc Guell

Truly, there is something for everyone in Barcelona. For the beach bum in all of us, Barceloneta Beach cannot be beat. It is within walking distance of Port Vell, with lots of little cafes to wander into after a long afternoon of lying on the sand. Bright white and warm sand works its way towards a brilliant blue ocean and a long horizon. You’ll have to be torn away from the view.

If you love museums, Museu Picasso is a great option for something a bit more unusual. However, if you are coming all the way to Barcelona, you cannot leave without visiting the Sagrada Familia. Even if you are not religious, this building is one of a kind. Even though the admission is expensive, running at around 15 euros with the audio guide (which is worth the extra cost), it is worth visiting, as you cannot fully appreciate the church unless you enter the Sagrada Familia.

You also cannot visit Barcelona without seeing Casa Batlló, one of Gaudi’s crazy-but-wonderful architectural wonders. La Pedrera, although less well known, is also worth a visit. If you like parks, check out Park Guell. Not only is it home to the iconic gecko, but also the view from up at the park is amazing. You can see across the Sagrada Familia all the way to the sea.

Day trips from Barcelona?

If Barcelona is not quite enough for you, there's always the option of a day trip or two. For example a trip out to Montserrat – a holy place where the Virgin Mary has reportedly stopped by. It offers gorgeous mountain views and a peacefulness which might be needed after a couple of wild nights in Barcelona. Since it’s an easy one-hour train ride out of the city, you could easily schedule it into your trip too.