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About Backpacking Travel Pages

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Backpacking Travel Pages is a website set up by backpackers for backpackers. Its purpose is to help, educate and inspire the ever-growing backpacking community.

In the Beginning

With the initial idea of this website to be a list of blogs by travellers worldwide, Backpacking Travel Pages started with its name as Backpacking Travel Blogs. But, it was later thought that restricting its content to blog posts would mean it could not provide helpful travel articles. So, Backpacking Travel Pages was born and it now hosts travel blogs, help & advice, reviews and inspiration to the world.

Writing from Experience

Once the name of the site was decided, the harder task of finding travel writers did begin. We wanted to ensure that everyone writing for the site had previously done what they were writing about; we didn’t want writers researching books and websites– it had to come from experience. Soon enough, it became clear that there were huge differences in writing styles between researchers and people reporting from experience.

What We’re About

Set up by backpackers for backpackers. The whole website is a collection of uniquely written articles about the experiences of backpacking around the globe. Each article’s intention is to help, educate and inspire its reader. All our articles are unique, because everything is written from a personal point of view and is based on writers’ experience.We hope that many people will enjoy our site, from newbies to pro backpackers, whether you’re learning something new, reminiscing about past experiences or enjoying a good travel story.

Fun Before Making Money

Making money is important to us, like it is for most people, but having fun and enjoying something we’re so passionate about is definitely the priority. We need money to keep this site alive (thank you advertisers), but unlike some, that’s not all we’re about. We think it’s best to share the profits out a little more and let everyone involved benefit. That’s why we host an annual free backpacking trip for everyone involved, we create free events and try to ensure everyone is a part of what we’re doing. To learn more about the backpacking community we are, read the community section of our site.