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The art of traveling on a budget with the simple goal of seeing the world and learning about other cultures. With your backpack, rolled up clothes, budget and no serious agenda, the world is your oyster and your experience will be unique to only you.

Backpacking Travel

Traveling by plane, train or bicycle, it doesn't matter! What you see, learn and experience while on that path is what really counts, and backpacking travel is the art of adventure while traveling the globe.

The method is less important than the experience. Why take a 2 hour flight when a 10 hour train ride will show you much more of a country? The 2 day bus ride might be slower, but you could sit in the heart of local life and experience the journey; backpacking is more about style than speed.

Budget Travel

The key to a longer backpacking experience is keeping a close grip of your finances. Spending money only where necessary and not frivolously spending on things you could easily live without. That's not to say that you shouldn't go to restaurants or clubs, but traveling with moderation might be the key to keeping within a budget.